Students activate for the environment

It’s hard to miss the compost bins in Kennedy Union, the recycling instructions in dining halls and the reusable mugs being distributed at UD’s coffee shops. As #EarthDay approaches, it’s time to highlight one of the driving forces behind such changes: a team of passionate students from the Hanley Sustainability Institute who are educating students on the importance of sustainability. “Environmental sustainability is a broad issue that impacts almost every aspect of our lives,” said Meg Malone

Life after the fire

It was around 4:30 a.m. when a student was seen stumbling out of a dormitory at Seton Hall University, the six-story building violently engulfed in dense, black smoke and rippling flame. This individual was one of many living in Boland Hall at SHU in South Orange, New Jersey on Jan. 19, 2000 — the same night that two fraternity brothers set fire to a banner in a hall lounge. Lighting the banner ignited the fire that killed three students, injured 56 others and forced Alvaro Llanos and Shawn Sim

Letting go of the stuff

After growing up in with an alcoholic mother, no father, and a complete reliance on food stamps, Joshua Fields Millburn grew up believing that the key to happiness was found in money and objects. So when he turned 18, that’s what he chased after. Millburn owned multiple luxury vehicles, closets full of designer clothes, and a fancy home —  all thanks to his six-figure salary. But he soon found out that possessions were not the key to success or happiness. The Minimalists, as they call themselv